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The Big Switch

Oct 25, 2021

In the first five episodes of this show, we talked about cleaning up our electricity system—the power grid.

In upcoming episodes, we're going to explain how to make that Big Switch in every other sector of the economy—everything from cars and heavy trucking to industrial heat and buildings.  

It's a lot to cover, and so we need a roadmap. In this episode, we're doing just that. Our host, Dr. Melissa Lott, talks to energy system modeler Amber Mahone about what those sectors are what we need to do to decarbonize them.

What are the key strategies in each one of those sectors? What are the equity implications and tradeoffs for the strategies?

But first, Kirsten teams up with the producers to hijack Melissa's road trip to an energy conference. We take a peek into the hidden energy embedded in our everyday lives.

Guests: Kirsten Smith of Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy and Amber Mahone of Energy and Environmental Economics.

The Big Switch is produced by Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy in partnership with Post Script Media. This episode was produced by Daniel Woldorff and co-hosted by Kirsten Smith. A special thanks to Genna Morton, Artealia Gilliard, Natalie Volk and Kyu Lee. Our executive editor was Stephen Lacey.